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Unemployment is a major problem in Kenya. There has been an increase in the growth of slums. Unemployment has also caused an increase in insecurity. There are also many unemployed young people who idle around the shopping centers.




Economic Enhancement

We can eradicate the issue of unemployment by allowing commerce through bi-lateral trade agreements and also by easing the movements of our people and goods across borders.

Transform Kenya to a Manufacturing Economy

DPK will transform Kenyan to a manufacturer and marketer of its own products instead of a suppliers of raw materials to overseas factories who in turn sell the processed goods as finished products back to us at an inflated price.
DPK's goal will be to facilitate the creation of factories that can manufacture products that can be used locally and internationally.
Creating new factories will reduce unemployment and the revenue created will be injected locally to fund technological advances in the manufacturing arena.


Support youth and macro projects / industries

Supporting youth projects will be our priority. Many of our youth have good ideas that can help in job creation but because there is no support from the government, the ideas do not become fruitful.

Opening local industries is key to improving economic conditions in the country. DPK will encourage opening macro industries by giving the small companies tax breaks and incentives.


Creating a 24 hour Economy

Due to increasing population needs, DPK's goal will be to encourage 24 Hour business operations. This will create more jobs because there will be more people working all the different shifts. 24 hour business operations will also benefit the new industries because this will mean that more products can be manufactured.


Workplace Laws

DPK believes that employees should not be overworked and underpaid. Workplace laws will alleviate all the issues brought about by overworking employees and will encourage job creation and career enhancements.


Education Enhancements

Technical schools, on-the-job-training and internships can help create a skilled labor force. DPK will facilitate partnership of colleges and industries so that the unemployed can enter the labour market easier. 


Transform smaller town to Metro areas

DPK hopes to encourage businesses to open up in the other smaller towns so that Kenya can grow as a country. The current issue we have now is that people move from the rural areas to the urban areas looking for jobs, this creates a population imbalance.


Oct 17, 11 07:46 AM
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Oct 13, 11 04:42 AM
musau Denis kapuret» i really appreciate your such wonderful efforts though iam not a kenyan since iam from uganda
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Jun 23, 11 03:55 AM
mburu kimani» This is best initiative since the youth will be empowered as in my case i have 6 registered youth groups in which we have initiated various project on value addition, unfortunate we lack well wishers to support our projects.where us create employment to many youth in my area. Am very much to work together for the youth empowerment. Thankyu very much
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Feb 16, 11 12:53 AM
sammy ihaji majanga» i hereby concur with the effort t eradicate unemployment in sabatia constituency plan by the republic of Kenya.
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Ihaji Foundation Computer centre is seeking to engage youth during this end year- November/ December in a free IT training to enable them gain basic skills that will open for them a life time opportunity anywhere in the world,i urge all the interested partners and parties to help me achieve this noble task by contributing in kind and cash.
thank you in advance.
Sammy ihaji,

sammy ihaji | Nov 4, 13 10:23 PM
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Jan 22, 11 04:12 PM
ERICK WACHIRA NGARE» What ails Kenya is:-
1. Misappropriation of rich resources
2. None involvement of all Kenyans in policy formulation and planning
3. Desregard of the rule of law: IMPUNITY
4. Irrelevant curiculum in education
5. Tribalism,favouritsm,nepotism and corruption
6. Eploitation of farmers by middlemen
7. Production of unfinished and semi-finnished goods
8. Lack of appropriate facilities for proccessing agricultural produce
9.Taxation of raw materials
10. Lack of genuine leaders with good moral values

1.Mechanisms to be put into place to ensure that resources are allocated publicly right from needs assessment by kenyans at the grassroots, prioratisation of needy areas identified by the people on the ground,recomendations by the same people to the Government for implementation.
2.Government policies should be derived by all the people involved. The current trend where some indivindual cook up policies in offices should be discarded.
3.First,The Judiciary should be reformed in line with the current constitution where all the Judicial members shall be recruited competively by advertising the positions, interested persons submit their application, a panel shortlist them for interviews, an interview copnducted and the outcome made public and the most qualified person offered the position.
Second,Laws should not be made in parliament without the input of Kenyans as was done with our constitution.This will make Kenyans own and respect and protect the Kenyan Laws
4.The Education system need reviewed to make it televant to the goals set to be achieved. For example to foster national Unity, all childred from the various communities should be allowed to join any scool in Kenya of their choice with boarding facilities and removing the qouta system that hinders social integration from the formative years of the learners. The content should be revised to have input of Kenyans and ensure relevant knowledge, skills and attitudes are incalcated into the learners to prepare them to be producers of goods and services needed and to be just consumers.
5.All public positions where the holder may handle public resources must be filled competitively by advertising,shortlist, interview, results made public and the best get the job
6.The farmer whose sole responsibility is to feed Kenyans should be protected by the Government by ensuring that the produce is bought at a higher price than the unputs to avoid the farmer making losses
7.Farmers should be provided with facilities such as cold storage for perishables like milk to ensure that the farmer get time to shop for the best prices in the market
8. Food processing facilities like cabbage dehidrating facility should accessed to the farmer.
9. Farming inputs should be exempted from tax
10 Persons interested in public positions of leadership must be screened to ensure that they are credible, and of high moral standing
For all Kenyans to be benefit from the rich and vast resources we must depart from a Representative Government and embrace Participatory Democracy, where poeple at the grassroots have also a say in running of the country's affairs
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Good info, most all leaders somehow got us into this hole. That is why we need to get new faces in parliament.
admin | Jan 23, 11 06:01 AM
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